Sunday, November 4, 2012

Our view on Ballot Question 4 (CPA)

While we here at the Salem Archives like to stay politically neutral, we feel however that ballot questions are largely an apolitical issue.

After reading both sides of the issue in the local media as well as opinions of fellow Salem residents in the local newspapers, we've determined that we cannot support the question. We ask that you vote no when you go to the polls on Tuesday, November 6.

While there are some good intentions in the spirit of the program, we believe that with the economy as it is we can not support what is essentially a self induced tax increase. There is no problem with the city of Salem looking to do more historic and open space preservation. We do however have problems with the low income housing component as well as the finding mechanism. In the 10 years of the program, matching state funds have been cut by nearly 75% leaving cities to largely collect only from residents. If the city if Salem privately fund raised for these projects we would wholeheartedly support them.

We do not support the city of Salem in its attempt to have us raise our own taxes, therefor we ask that you join us in voting NO on Question 4.

Thank you,
The Salem Archives Team

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