Thursday, October 22, 2009

Another Trip to the Consignment Store Yields Treasure

The other day, I went to my new favorite store in Salem, Witch City Consignment on Essex Street. I found this Salem, Mass Sea Scouts Uniform.

The inside was the real special part. The cuffs have what were known as Liberty Cuffs from World War II. Under the collar has dragons and Shanghai China 1945. Lastly the Sailors Name, J S Cappuccio. This is beliewved to be the WWII Uniform of John S Cappuccio.

What I was able to find out about John S Cappuccio is that he served on the USS Baldwin in Asia in WWII. After the war he was a Salem Policeman a teacher in various schools in Salem and owned several businesses including Cappuccio's Liquors.

Monday, October 19, 2009

More New Additions to the collection.

This past weekend I was shopping in downtown Salem and stumbled upon some new buttons for the collection. What I got was a Holiday Happenings, Bob Gauthier for Councillor at large, Dr. Brendan Walsh for School Committee, Victoria's Station Button and a John Tierney for State Senate from 1974!

Also a pamphlet from the 1984 Haunted Happenings, boy how the celebration changed back then it was only a week long!

If you want to view the items just go to the Buttons page or Political item page and look under the candidates name.

Oh, and also under the Militaria section, a 101st Field Artillery Beret. It's not necessarily Salem related but it is local to New England, which I've amended to Military section to include.

Thanks for reading.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

SHS Football Captian Bob "Pete" Jalbert Collection

Just this afternoon I made the collections newest acquisition, a collection of trophies given to Salem High football captain Bob "Pete" Jalbert.

The collection consists of:
  • kicker trophy given on 1947 by the Elliot Club of Beverly
  • rusher trophy given in 1947 by the Canadian Klondike Club
  • a Loving Cup From the S.C.L. in 1946 for sportsman
  • a Chalk ware Figure of a football player personalized with Jalbert on the Leg and an S on the sweater.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Haunted Happenings Parade Parking Information.

For those of you planning to attend tonights parade and need a place to park. I will be raising money for St. John the Baptist church on St. Peter Street in downtown Salem. The Donation is $5.00, It's the same price the city charges for the night in almost the same location.

We open the lot at about 4PM.

If you park here from reading this let us know.