Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Local Election Campaign Material

As you may know Salem is within a week to the 2011 local election primary. In the past few days the collection has gotten a few pieces of campaign material to add to the collection. 

We've received a postcard  Matthew J Fraser's campaign for councilor at large, a palm card from Darek Barcikowski for councilor at large, a flyer from Steve Pinto for councilor at large (apparently he missed meeting us or that's what was written on it) and a magnet, letter and flyer from Francis Vigeant for school committee. I hope after the primary to get some more items from the other campaigns.

Just a reminder, that I am only listing what items I have received, I am not endorsing any of the candidates.

Monday, August 15, 2011

23rd Regiment Mass Vol Inf. Commemorative

We've recently come to acquire this ribbon, which was made for the dedication of the memorial Boulder for the 23rd Regiment of the Massachusetts Volunteer Militia commemorating their service in the Civil War. It produced by the famed Whitehead & Hoag of Newark, New Jersey who produced any number of commemorative badges, ribbons or buttons. As you might well know the memorial Boulder is located in the middle of Winter street just off Salem Common.

The ribbon was most likely given to surviving members of the regiment as well an persons selected for the committee that oversaw the construction. This example has a few rips and tears but is no doubt an important piece of American history as is helps to memorialize those brave men from the North Shore who risked their lives to defend our nation in the Civil War.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Another Tercentenary Committee Added to The Collection

Just got this Tercentenary Badge today. This one is from the Banquet Committee, there were only 15 of these produced, one for each member of the committee (not including the city council members who were heads of the committee). Its the same medal as all the other badges only the ribbon is a special color and the name tag portion reads "Banquet".

The banquet was held Wednesday, July 7, 1926 at the State Armory on Essex St. notable guests in attendance were the Vice President of the US William Dawes, The Governor and Lieutenant Governor of the commonwealth, Alvin Fuller and Frank Allen respectively, US Senators William Butler and Frederick Gilbert, A Piatt Andrew US Congressman, Major General Preston Brown and Rear Admiral A L Willard. All of which received a guest badge, one of which the collection has in its possession.

Friday, June 24, 2011

Sunday Observance Committee Tercentenary Badge

The latest addition to the collection is a badge from the 300th anniversary celebration for the City of Salem, Massachusetts. One was given to each the 25 members of the Sunday Observance Committee. The Sunday Observance ceremonies were held in the Salem Common on Sunday, July 4, 1926.

The event consisted of ringing of the various churches bells, dedication of the Bandstand which is still in the Salem Common, a speech by the mayor and concert by the Salem Cadet Band.

If you are interested in knowing who the members of the committee were, you can check the link provided to our website for the items page here

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Latest Acquisitions For The Collection

Recently we received some new items for the collection. One of my relatives houses had to be cleaned out and these items are what we found that fit in the context of the collection.

There is an envelope from the Dubiel Funeral Hone which was on Bridge StNext a diploma from St. John the Baptist School from 1936

An ID Card from the Salem Gas Light Co. on Bridge Street
Lastly a collection of WWI papers, photos and Salem Service Medal which can be seen on our website :

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Updated information on 102nd Artillery Guidon

With some help from military collecting experts, the consensus is that the flag I posted earlier this week is actually dates to between 1958 - 1963. The experts told me based on the type of lettering on the flag, most notably the 1 to the left of the crossed cannon in the center it that is the earliest it could be. The materials it is constructed from also narrows down it age to the early to mid 1960's.

Monday, April 18, 2011

102nd Field Artillery Flag

The type of flag pictured above is a military flag called a guidon. It was the battery "colors" for 1st battalion 102nd regiment field artillery battery c.

The flag is double sided meaning the writing had been appliqu├ęd to both sides so it can be read from either side. Due to its styling and construction it either dates to world war II or the 1950's time periods.

Being from battery C means it was the flag for the battery stationed at either the Lawrence or Lynn armories. I am not quite sure which, because there were company C's in both the 1st and 2nd battalion 102nd Field Artillery. Not knowing exact the age of the flag and changing designations of the regiments lead to the confusion.

There are also no tags in the sleeve pocket, as there should be which probably means it was an unofficial flag made for retirement of a commander.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

1989 State Champions Baseball

Recently, we received a baseball signed by 11 players of the 1989 Salem High Baseball State champions. The ball is in poor condition, only some of the autographs are legible. It is signed on a Little League baseball just like the one we previously got.

The legible signatures are: Coach Al Giardi, Danny Babcock, Danny Hall, Jeff Juden, Doug Canney, Andrew Viglas, Zach Zegarowski, and Jim Ready

More images of the baseball can be seen here:

Monday, January 10, 2011

Jeff Juden Signed Baseball!

Just this morning on a trip to Witch City Consignments I found this very early Jeff Juden signed baseball. It is a Little League ball, I believe it was signed in the mid 1980's.

All of Juden's professional baseball autographs are signed Jeff, while this one is signed Jeffery.

It was also signed by another player. Both players played for Salem High on their State championship winning team. It is most likely signed while They played little league, since the other player didn't number it with his high school number.