Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Another Tercentenary Committee Added to The Collection

Just got this Tercentenary Badge today. This one is from the Banquet Committee, there were only 15 of these produced, one for each member of the committee (not including the city council members who were heads of the committee). Its the same medal as all the other badges only the ribbon is a special color and the name tag portion reads "Banquet".

The banquet was held Wednesday, July 7, 1926 at the State Armory on Essex St. notable guests in attendance were the Vice President of the US William Dawes, The Governor and Lieutenant Governor of the commonwealth, Alvin Fuller and Frank Allen respectively, US Senators William Butler and Frederick Gilbert, A Piatt Andrew US Congressman, Major General Preston Brown and Rear Admiral A L Willard. All of which received a guest badge, one of which the collection has in its possession.