Friday, August 17, 2012

Brigadier General Albin F Irzyk Autograph

The latest addition to the Salem Collection Archives is a Brigadier General Albin F Irzyk signed index card. It was generously donated to the collection by the General himself. 

It's not usually our policy to send out unsolicited requests for autographs and the like from people, but we tried and our request was granted. We are very pleased to have an autograph of a native of Salem who has held one of the highest offices in the military that anyone in the nearly 400 year history of Salem has.

Brig. Gen. Albin F Irzyk grew up on Derby st in Salem, was a star athlete in College. He later entered the US Army. As a Lieutenant Colonel in WWII he became the commanding officer of the 8th tank battalion, 4th Armored Division in General Patton's 3rd army. He was wounded twice in WWII and received the Distinguished Service Medal. He then went on to serve in Vietnam. The park on Fort Avenue in Salem was dedicated in his honor in 1999.

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